Problem with second derivates

in this moment i have a problem with second derivates, in my code i have gmt grdfft earthfaa3m.grd -D -D -V -Ggravprimersaderivada.grd but gmt shows at the error [ERROR]: Option -D: Given more than once (offending option is -D)

Yikes. That is due to an updated parser where I forgot that -D and -I were repeatable. Fixed in the branch that I expect to be approved shortly and merged into master. Thanks for pointing out this snafu!

Now approved and merged into master.

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Thank you for your response, in this case would the problem be solved automatically? I just tried again and the error continues :frowning:

No, you will have to build from git master or wait a few weeks for 6.5 release

ohh okay, thanks