Problems to run gmt mask command in GMT 6.1

Hello everyone!
I am trying to use command gmt mask with gmt version 6.1
If i only run command (gmt mask) I get all the info about command:
ivonne@xiroobita(83)>> gmt mask
gmt mask [core] 6.1.0 [64-bit] - Clip or mask map areas with no data table coverage

usage: gmt mask

-I[+e|n][/[+e|n]] -J
** -R///[//][+r] [-B] [-C] [-D] [-F[l|r]] [-G]**
** [-L[+i|o]] [-N] [-Q] [-S] [-T]**
** [-U[][+c][+j][+o/]] [-V[]] [-X[a|c|f|r]]**
** [-Y[a|c|f|r]] [-b[i|o][][t][w][+l|b]] [-c[,|]] [-d[i|o]] [-e[~]]**
** [-h[i|o][][+c][+d][+m][+r][+t]] [-i[+l][+s][+o][,…][,t[]]]**
** [-p[x|y|z][/[/]][+w/[/][+v/]] [-qi[~][,…][+c][+a|f|s]]**
** [-r[g|p]] [-s[][+a|r]] [-t] [-:[i|o]] [–PAR=]**

But when add optios, then I get an error message:
ivonne@xiroobita(84)>> gmt mask -JM20c -Baf -R-98.5/-94.5/14/18-pdf tempo
gmt [ERROR]: Shared GMT module not found: mask

ERROR: No module named mask was found. This could mean one of four cases:

  1. There actually is no such module; please check your spelling.
  2. You used a modern mode module name while running in GMT classic mode.
  3. Module exists in the GMT supplemental library, but the library could not be found.
  4. Module exists in a GMT custom library, but none was specified via GMT_CUSTOM_LIBS.
    Shared libraries must be in standard system paths or set via environmental parameter LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Could you help me to find the problem…
Thanks in advance.

if you are not running a modern mode script (begin - end) then you are running a classic mode command and in that mode it is called psmask.

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