Problems with makecpt using roma or batlow color palettes

Hello I hope someone can help with this question. I am trying to make color palette using one of the color models from Fabio Crameri and I am hitting the same error message:

command line:

gmt makecpt -Cbatlow -T-1/1/0.2 > ./batlow.cpt

gmt makecpt -Croma -T-1/1/0.2 > roma.cpt

The error message which is the same for both models:
-makecpt [INFORMATION]: Prepare CPT via the master file batlow
-makecpt [INFORMATION]: Reading CPT from File batlow.cpt
-makecpt [ERROR]: Failed to decode batlow.cpt

It will work with romaO or batlowK or batlowS.

I am sure there is something I am missing as this is a very similar command.

I am sure gmt version 6.2.0

thanks in advance

Using redirection creates an empty file first.
makecpt will first try to read a local file.
The way you have written it makecpt gets confused because the file it is trying to read is empty
Choose a different name for the output file (and delete any existing batlow.cpt or roma.cpt in your local directory)