PS_MEDIA WxH doesn't work?

Why I can’t set the PS_MEDIA WxH parameter in 6th GMT version
gmt begin img6 png
gmt set PS_PAGE_ORIENTATION portrait
gmt grdimage earth_relief_20m_p.grd -Rg -JX27d/11.5d -Bafg --PS_MEDIA=900x800
gmt end

Output png gets resolution 4167x2500 (1000x600 with x4.16 it’s default value, i guess). If i use settings from gmt_custom_media.conf file the dimensions has multiplier 4.16 . I’ve tried to set with “points” 900px800p too.
Something changed and I didn’t read the docs carefully again?

Code for 5th GMT version works like a clock:
gmtset PS_PAGE_ORIENTATION portrait PS_MEDIA 900x800
grdimage earth_relief_20m_p.grd -Rg -JX27d/11.5d -Bafg >
gswin64c -sDEVICE=png256 -dNOPAUSE -dSAFER –

used win7/10 and GS 9.55/10.00 and GMT 6.5.0

Thank you for your attention

It you need to control exact page size and work with Postscript etc then just continue to use gmt classic mode. Modern mode (begin/end) is for those who just need a properly cropped result in the desired format [pdf].

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