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I have a set of radiosources with right ascention, declination, and error, and I would like to have a map similar to the one in:

But I would like to plot the “north” and “south” coordinates (I.e. 90S and 90N). The best script I wrote is the one below but I cannot see the X axis annotations like in the example. Is there a way to do that? I am uploading the map.

Thanks in advance.

gmt makecpt -Cseis -I -T0/10/1 -Z > mycpt.cpt
gmt psbasemap -Rg -JH4.5i -Bx30g -By30g -P -K -V >
awk '{print $8*15,$6*180/3.14159265,sqrt(($7)^2+($5)^2)}' sources.txt |gmt psxy -R -J -C./mycpt.cpt -Sc.3 -K -O -V >>
psscale -D13c/3c/5c/0.4c -C./mycpt.cpt -By+l"mas" -P -O -V>>

Unfortunately, we do not have a (simple) way to annotate inside the map as you would like. We have the same issue for polar projections where radial annotations are missing when the angular region is 360. I will start a feature request for how we may implement such a feature.
Meanwhile, a workaround would be to place those labels manually, e.g.,

gmt math -T-150/150/30 -N3/0 -C2 T = | gmt pstext -R -J -F+f10p >>

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Dear Paul,
many thanks. At least, the plot looks better with your suggestion.

FYI, we have implemented internal annotations in the repo, so 6.1 will have the feature you are looking for.

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