Psbasemap -L not working

I am trying to plot a simple distance scale bar on my map. From the documentation, it would seem like the -L option in psbasemap would do that, but although I am using the correct syntax (at least I can’t find any mistake), I am still getting an error. My command is:

gmt psbasemap -R$REGION -J$PROJ -BWesN -Ba2f1 -LjBL -P -K > $PSOUT

and the error I keep getting, no matter whether I use -Lg, -Ln, -Lj, or -LJ, with their corresponding options, is:

psbasemap: Syntax error:  Scale reference point was not accepted
	   Positioning is specified via one of four coordinate systems:
	     Use -Lg to specify <refpoint> with map coordinates.
	     Use -Lj or -LJ to specify <refpoint> with 2-char justification code (BL, MC, etc).
	     Use -Ln to specify <refpoint> with normalized coordinates in 0-1 range.
	     Use -Lx to specify <refpoint> with plot coordinates.
	   All except -Lx require the -R and -J options to be set.
	   Append 2-char +j<justify> code to associate that anchor point on the map scale with <refpoint>.
	   If +j<justify> is not given then <justify> will default to the same as <refpoint> (with -Lj),
	     or the mirror opposite of <refpoint> (with -LJ), or MC (else).
	   Optionally, append +o<dx>[/<dy>] to offset map scale from <refpoint> in direction implied by <justify> [0/0].
psconvert: System call [gs -q -dSAFER -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=bbox -dMaxBitmap=2147483647 -dUseFastColor=true 'Research/SISIE/Data/Seismicity/' 2> './'] returned error 256.

Can -L not be used with -B or something? I’ve tried not using -B too and that didn’t work.


Don’t post hypothetical cases if you want us to reproduce your results.

I’m assuming then you want me to specify the region and such?


gmt psbasemap -R$REGION -J$PROJ -BWesN -Ba2f1 -LjBL -P -K > $PSOUT

My script works perfectly fine when the -L option is not specified, if that makes any difference. Also, I’m using GMT version 5.4.4.

I think you should add +c and +w. Try -LjBL+c-46+w100.

Don’t know about GMT5.X anymore (too old), in GMT6 like @Esteban82 said, this prints a scale bar.

psbasemap -R165/170/-48/-44 -JM12 -BWesN -Ba2f1 -LjBL+c-48+w100k+f+o0.5 -P -K >

The error messages have changed since 5.whatever. With your -LjBL I get

psbasemap [ERROR]: Option -L: Not enough arguments given, including no width