Psbasemap -Tmg ( magnetic direction map rose )

I don’t get a correct result with the PSBASEMAP -TM command.


gmt psbasemap -R195/225/0/90 -JT210/6c -Tmg210/15+w5c+d12.35+t30/10/5/30/10/2+i0.02c+p0.02c+l -K >
gmt psbasemap -R -J -Tmg210/15+w5c+d10.35+t30/10/5/30/10/2+i0.02c+p0.02c+l -X8 -O >>

Thanks for this report - I confirm the problem. I have created an issue on GitHub. When you find a clear-cut bug like this, please open an issue on GitBug instead of a discussion thread on the forum.

Cheers, Paul

Fixed in the repository:

Thank you for your reply,