On examples 34

gmt pscoast -J -R -EFR,IT+gred@60 -O >> $ps

What does it mean +gred@60?

I tried to execute this command

Solid red color cover all of FR,IT and no transparent

Pleae help me some explanations

My best regards

Hi @tuannguyen. Welcome to the GMT forum.

Yes, it is transparency. But it can’t be seen on ps files. You have to convert it to another format like PDF or PNG for example.

If you ran example 34, you should end up with a pdf file. Isn’t it there?

I ran on GMT 5.4. With psconvert I had both .pdf and .png images, but both have the same covered area with solid color not transparency.
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Update GMT. We cannot care (and there is nothing we can do about it) on what happens with many years old versions.