Psconvert PDF - Custom font

Hello all,

I am trying to convert my .ps file to pdf. I would like to use a custom font ‘Optima’. I managed to install this font in the GMT, and it works in the .ps file. However, when I am converting the .ps to .pdf, the font does not appear in the PDF. How can I resolve this font issue. Do I have to install the custom font in GhostScript or Adobe

I use the command psconvert -A -Tf

I assume ghostscript needs to be told where those fonts of yours are hiding. Try to export the directory with your fonts via export GS_FONTPATH=yourfullpath.

Thanks for the suggestion. I copied the Optima font (.pfb, .afm and .pfm) in the $home/ghostscript/9.53.3/share/ghostscript/fonts and set the path to the directory. But, during the psconvert, I find that the GMT is unable to use this font. Please can you suggest how I get GMT to use Optima font in the final pdf.

Thank you.

You need to tell us what the error messages are. Run the psconvert command with -Vd and post the result. See example 31 for a successful use of custom-supplied fonts.

Many thanks for the suggestion. The command worked.
gmt psconvert -A -C-sFONTPATH=\usr\font\custom-dir -Tf