Pscoupe and project

I am plotting some seismicity and focal mechanism cross-sections and I noticed that by using pscoupe and project I so not get the exact list of events. I am not able to understand why.
I use the following 2 lines to extract events 100 km on each side of the profiles:

gmt pscoupe -JX10/-2 -R0/500/0/100 -Bwsne -Bxa50f10 -Bya20f5 -Aa144.280/38.168/140.077/38.851+d90+w100 -Sa0.20c/0 -Gblue

gmt project -C144.280/38.168 -E140.077/38.851 -Lw -W-100/100 -Q -Fxyzpqrs -V

I use exactly the same file as input (I can share and example of input file where 2 events get included in the cross-section only in the case of the 2 commands reported above).

Any idea about what I do wrong?
Gian Maria