Pslegend -- plotting legend vectors with color tails

Hi I am a fossil user of GMT who has just moved to GMT6 and its way of dealing with vector traits.

I would like to add some vectors to a legend created using the pslegend command, and cannot figure out a way to make a vector legend entry with a colored tail (for example, a slightly fat red arrow that refers to some data type). I see how to change the color of the head of the arrow, but don’t see what variable to tweak to color the tail.

I suspect there is one (or more!) ways to do this, and could someone enlighten me. My current pslegend command with a vector legend entry looks like:

gmt pslegend -Dx4.2i/4.18i+w1.7i/2.3i+jBL+l1.2 -JM -R -O -F+gwhite+r >>$outf <<EOF

S 0.1i v0.1i+a40+e+g 0.25i red 1p 0.3i Abs. Motion


It plots a nice labelled arrow with a red arrowhead and a black tail :frowning: .

A tail is a pen so just append a color to your 1p (black) pen.

Many thanks!

Yes, changing the offending input line to pslegend to

S 0.1i v0.1i+a40+e+g+p 0.25i red 1p,red 0.3i Abs. Motion

absolutely does the job.