Psmeca issue

Hello, please I need help to use this command.
I have my data but when tried to plot it, I get
Record 1 had bad x and/or y coordinates, must exist.
gmt psmeca focal_mech.dat -R135/145/-34/-25 -JM5i -Sc0.2 -Gred -h1 >>
the data has long, lat, depth, str, dip, slip, str, dip, slip, mant, exp, plon plat columns .

Hi John!

It is hard to be sure without seeing your data file.
Try using gmt info with that file to see if you get the same error. If so, them you will have to check if you have a bad record on the file.

@Esteban82, many thanks .I was able to figure it out using ‘awk’ to read the data columns.