Pstext [COMPATIBILITY]: Use of old style pstext input is deprecated

gmt --version 6.0.0 installed on 5.4.0-107-generic #121-Ubuntu SMP
Hi! Nobody else seems to have aired this kind of trouble in the forum:

pstext [COMPATIBILITY]: Use of old style pstext input is deprecated.

Where in what manual is the new style described?
The self-doc says
Reads (x,y[,fontinfo,angle,justify],text) from [or stdin].

The kind of input, e.g.
1.5 0.1 12 0 0 CB Semi-diurnal
appears to me coherent with the example Paul has presented @hijrah (

Meanwhile I’m using a clumsy workaround,
# This is $HOME/bin/pstext [sic]

gmt pstext $* 2> >(fgrep -v “Use of old style pstext input is deprecated.”)
Cunnier advice is welcome
/Kompass17 a.k.a. Hans-Georg Scherneck

I tried

echo 1.5 0.1 12 0 0 CB Semi-diurnal | gmt pstext -R0/4/0/4 -JX5i -Baf >

and it seems OK to me. You are getting that message because your default verbosity level is set to GMT_MSG_COMPAT. It is just an informational message - I did not see it in my case due to the settings.

This GMT 4 syntax is equivalent to GMT 6 syntax of

gmt pstext -R0/4/0/4 -JX5i -B -F+f+a+j

In GMT6 you can supply things like font, angle, and justification via -F on the command line, e.g

echo 1.5 0.1 Semi-diurnal | gmt pstext -R0/4/0/4 -JX5i -Baf -F+f12p+jCB >

Thanks Paul,
I just was left confused reading the manual pages.
With GMT_MSG_COMPAT = 4 I got this message also with justify 2.
Had it said
@ “Reads (x,y[,fontinfo,angle,justify],text) from [or stdin]”,
“Use option -F+f+a+j if input includes fontinfo,angle,justify”,
@ “-F … Without attributes, expects x,y,text, which also is the default” (i.e. without -F) I could have found my way without bothering you and the crowd. And had gmt5syntax added the -F-option it had saved me a few hours of mind-boggling.
Regretting by-passing GMT5 to find myself in new waters
cheers /Kompass17

No worries, and we are happy to improve the docs. But I see it crurently says:

This is one or more files containing 1 or more records with (x y [font angle justify ] text ). The presence or absence of items in the brackets are determined by -F.

Isn’t that what your first sentence says as well? Or do you want it to be more explicit about tieing each element to the specific -F modifier?