Pstext -D parameter

I’m try with -D with no result with -D1 (or .5…)
echo 0.117 61.1 London> london.txt
psxy -R-5/5/60/63 -Jx1.41d/1.41d london.txt -Sc.3 -K >
pstext -R -J london.txt -DJ -O >>

In case of -DJ i’ve got message

pstext [WARNING]: not a valid number and may not be decoded properly.
and got no any shift too

Please help

Time to read up about the 9 justification points. By default you have CM centered so nothing will get affected by -D. There is also no -DJ option without an argument as the man page shows.

However, I am a bit sympathetic to the expectation that a centred (CM) text should be moving if you say -D2c/1c, or instance, and that works fine. It is just -DJ that is tied to your justification point. E.g., this shifts by the specified amount:

gmt text -R-5/5/60/63 -Jx1.41d/1.41d london.txt -D-1.5c/2c -B -png t

If you want to keep it two separate classic mode calls (don’t know why, but hey …) read up on -F+j.

-F+jBL might be a useful addition to your pstext call.

Thank you Paul and Kristof,
together you helped me to choose the best option

i really thought, that justification point not related to shifts in -D option