Psxy -T in modern mode?

In the classic mode I start my scripts with the command below with the only purpose to set the region and projection of the map so I have not to do it in all the followings commands (and to create the header of the ps).

gmt psxy -R%REGION% -J%PROJ% -T -K -P > %OUT%

Now, I am trying the modern mode and I see that gmt coast -T doesn’t exist. ISo how can achieve the same? I try command below (which warned me that I must specify at least another argument) and it worked. But, is this the proper way to do it? It would worked for every case? Or what command should I use?

gmt basemap -R%REGION% -J%PROJ% -Vq

basemap requires at least one of -B -L or -T to be specified. Check the documentation of -B option. You can use -B+n not to draw the frame and borders

gmt basemap -R$REG -J$PROJ -B+n