PyGMT at SciPy 2022

Hi everyone! Is anyone interested in working together on a PyGMT talk or tutorial proposal for SciPy 2022? The conference is July 13-15, 2022 with tutorials July 11-12 and sprints July 16-17.

The deadline for talks & posters is Feb 11 and the deadline for tutorials is Feb 15. Last year we submitted a tutorial submission and weren’t selected. The last SciPy talk on PyGMT was in 2018.

The draft abstract at looks great, thanks Meghan! I think you summed things up really well, so nothing much from me to add really. Actually can’t believe it’s almost 5 years already for PyGMT :exploding_head: This will definitely provide a nice update t the wider Scientific Python community, and hopefully attract more users and contributors!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Time goes so fast and it’s remarkable how the library has evolved, with so much owed to the excellent foundations that Leo laid and yours and Dongdong’s fantastic efforts in steering the package through the transition period and beyond :rocket:

Just on the SciPy 2022 sprints from 16-17 July (, does anyone want to be a Sprint Leader and fill up the form at This will be just a weekend of working on PyGMT with a few new contributors.

I can’t commit to this as I’m still waiting to hear back about another event that clashes with SciPy 2022, but it would be good if someone else is keen to take the lead for this year :smiley: