Pygmt cannot be upgraded to the latest version

Hi everyone, I am new to PyGmt, I installed pyGmt with conda today, but the version number is 0.3, I found the latest version is 0.6. I also tried to update pygmt with conda update -c conda-forge pygmt, but the updated version is still 0.3. How can I upgrade to the latest version, thanks a lot.
The version information is as follows.
>>> pygmt.show_versions()
PyGMT information:
version: v0.3.1
System information:
python: 3.9.12 (main, Apr 5 2022, 06:56:58) [GCC 7.5.0]
executable: miniconda3/bin/python
machine: Linux-5.13.0-27-lowlatency-x86_64-with-glibc2.31
Dependency information:
numpy: 1.22.4
pandas: 1.4.2
xarray: 2022.3.0
netCDF4: 1.5.6
packaging: 21.3
ghostscript: 9.54.0
gmt: 6.1.1
GMT library information:
version: 6.1.1

Hmm, could you try conda install -c conda-forge pygmt=0.6.1?

If that doesn’t work, try copying and pastng the output message you get, or show us the output of conda list. Maybe you have a dependency that is in conflict with higher pygmt versions.

thanks a lot, it works

Can I update my previously installed pygmt? Suppose I’ve installed 0.7 version but now 0.9 is available. How can I update it?

Hello @lalit.seismo,

please see the documentation at to upgrade to the latest stable release.

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