PyGMT Community Meeting, Tuesday 14 March 2023 (UTC 1800)

The PyGMT team is hosting a one hour community meeting on Tuesday 14 March 2023 at UTC 18:00. We welcome anyone that has an interest to attend!

Zoom link:
Password: 954689

Agenda items:

We’ll put the meeting notes on and record the session for anyone unable to attend.


2023-03-14 (UTC 18:00)

Youtube recording:

Participants (please add your name):

  • Claus-Peter Rueckemann
  • JingHui Tong
  • Max Jones
  • Wei Ji Leong
  • Will Schlitzer
  • Yvonne Frohlich


  1. PyGMT v0.9.0 release due end of March 2023
  2. PyGMT paper (for core-team)
  3. Mastodon account for PyGMT?
  4. Potential workshops? Upcoming features?


  • Introductions
  • PyGMT v0.9.0
    • Max Jones volunteered - 31 March 2023 tentatively
    • Will open release issue
    • Fig.tilemap - default output map projection lat/lon or Web Mercator?
    • ResearchGate project getting removed, how to put announcements
      • 31 March 2023 deadline
      • Open issue on GitHub to discuss
      • Download projects before deadline, possibly reupload
  • Mastodon account for PyGMT
    • Maintain twitter channel
    • Email account to share? Gmail can be a bit tricky to share, but since we’re not posting regularly, it might be ok
    • Wei Ji will set that up
  • PyGMT paper
    • Not many authors still in academia
    • Some text exists, but also open questions
    • Usually one person write, many co-author review
    • Aiming for G3 journal
    • Schedule a collaborative writing time, split out tasks for different sections?
    • Sections on
      • Intro
      • Comparison with GMT
      • Integration with PyData ecosystem
      • Examples
      • Community
      • Further development
    • How long to write? Need to look at G3 guidelines.
    • Copy one or two gallery examples, something that illustrates what PyGMT can do (over GMT).
    • Writing for people with a background in GMT (e.g. GMT paper’s section on comparing GMT5), and people who are coming from the Python world
    • Timeline (tentative):
      • First draft by end of June
      • Submit by end of July
    • Discuss authorship order early on
  • Workshops, other things
    • GMT EarthScope workshop
      • Organize in April, lectures posted by June
      • Need to pre-record lectures, about 15min length
      • PyGMT office hours, need volunteers to answer questions
      • Is a pre-requisite for GMTSAR
      • Will volunteering to help record something
    • There is still funding to present at conferences (though quite a bit of paperwork involved) for anyone wanting to present GMT/PyGMT stuff
    • GMT Dev Summit? Up to us to discuss still, need Paul’s input, and someone to organize for in-person. Or just have a virtual/hybird one.
      • Can send Slack to Max with opinions
  • Next next release v0.10.0
    • Planning for maybe July
    • May be dependent on GMT 6.5, before mid 2023
  • DMG mac image
    • Option through conda/homebrew/source
    • Some restrictions on who can upload things, which can only be done by Paul at UH currently
    • Probably ok to stick with conda-forge for now