PYGMT: Parameter check in

In the parameters section of the documentation block in, it says that the GCMT convention is determined if a dictionary with the following keys is passed:
- "gcmt"strike1, dip1, rake1, strike2, dip2, rake2, mantissa,exponent
But later in the code, when the parameters to check against are set (line 250-252), it says:
param_conventions = {
“AKI”: [“strike”, “dip”, “rake”, “magnitude”],
“GCMT”: [“strike1”, “dip1”, “dip2”, “rake2”, “mantissa”,“exponent”],

So it seems if you pass all the parameters it says it requires, it fails with:
GMTError: Parameters in spec dictionary do not match known conventions.

BTW, it says a geopandas dataframe an be used to pass in location info. Are there any planes to pass in the focal mechanism parameters in the geopandas dataframe as well?