PYGMT: Parameter check in

In the parameters section of the documentation block in, it says that the GCMT convention is determined if a dictionary with the following keys is passed:
- "gcmt"strike1, dip1, rake1, strike2, dip2, rake2, mantissa,exponent
But later in the code, when the parameters to check against are set (line 250-252), it says:
param_conventions = {
“AKI”: [“strike”, “dip”, “rake”, “magnitude”],
“GCMT”: [“strike1”, “dip1”, “dip2”, “rake2”, “mantissa”,“exponent”],

So it seems if you pass all the parameters it says it requires, it fails with:
GMTError: Parameters in spec dictionary do not match known conventions.

BTW, it says a geopandas dataframe an be used to pass in location info. Are there any planes to pass in the focal mechanism parameters in the geopandas dataframe as well?

Hi @PRC, sorry for the late reply. This seems like a bug in the meca function, could you please report it on GitHub at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub? Edit: I’ve reported this at Problem with GCMT convention in · Issue #1580 · GenericMappingTools/pygmt · GitHub

I don’t think meca currently supports geopandas.GeoDataFrame inputs in PyGMT v0.4.0, only pandas.DataFrame. Is it common for focal mechanism parameters to be stored in geopandas? If so, we can consider supporting it in PyGMT.