PyGMT Praise!

Hi PyGMT team,
I would just like to drop a note of appreciation for the hard work you’ve put to get PyGMT to the current stage! :clap: :clap:

While I am using GMT on a near daily basis, it took me until yesterday to take the plunge and use PyGMT for some more heavily lifting along with pyGPlates for the first time. I’m seriously impressed :heart_eyes: - thanks again!



Thank you for the kind words, @chhei! The PyGMT community has been doing an amazing job indeed :clap:t4:

If you have any figures and scripts you’d like to share, we always love seeing them (either in the #Sow-your-nice-example-script category or as a new gallery example or tutorial in the PyGMT docs).

@leouieda - will do, this first excursion into PyGMT was unfortunately a proprietary one I cannot share but I’ll keep the examples in mind for possible contributions.