Pygmt.project for oblique vertical profiles

Hi all,

I am trying to plot a vertical subsurface velocity profile with pygmt. However, it seems that pygmt.project is not functioning the same as gmt project.
Here is the reference gmt code line I got from my colleague, but I dont have her data so I want to convert this to pygmt code.

gmt project $azmfile -C${lon_B[$ff]}/${lat_B[$ff]} -E${lon_U[$ff]}/${lat_U[$ff]} -Fsz -Lw -W-1.92/2.18 -Q -V > profile_azm.txt
# azmfile is a 2d array with columns [lat lon depth velocities].

Also, I noticed that in the pygmt tutorial, the 3 rules of defining the projections are different from the rules in gmt project function. Where in gmt project, users can define the start point and end point while in pygmt.project, users can only use the center point to define the projection. I am not sure if my understanding of the tutorial is correct.