PyGMT v0.2.1 released

Announcing PyGMT v0.2.1, a patch release with more tutorials and gallery examples!

The PyGMT team is delighted to present version v0.2.1, a release that refreshed quite a bit of our documentation! Cheers to @seisman for spearheading this much needed effort!. Also a big shout out to new contributors @hemmelig for creating the fantastic “Plotting text” and “Configurating PyGMT defaults” tutorials, and to @carocamargo for the great work on wrapping grdfilter for “Filtering grids in the space/time domain”. A couple of other highlights include:

  • :snake: Support Python 3.9 (#689)
  • :video_camera: Add Liam’s ROSES 2020 PyGMT talk (#643)

If you haven’t watched @liamtoney’s video already, here it is:

Remote Online Sessions for Emerging Seismologists (ROSES): Unit 8 - PyGMT

Note that the video is a few months old already, but you can see what’s new in the v0.2.1 changelog. Installation instructions can be found at, or use it directly online at try-gmt! @seisman added a new ‘transparency’ alias in #614 for making see-through plot items (e.g. legends, points, colorbars, etc), and we’ve also snuck in a new plot3d function for those of you that want to take things to the next level!


:railway_track: Roadmap to v0.3.0

These are some new features in progress that should make it into PyGMT v0.2.2 or v0.3.0.

:warning: Deprecation warnings

  • PyGMT v0.3.0 will come after GMT 6.2.0 is released, and we will drop support for GMT 6.1.x at the same time to resolve longstanding bugs like incorrect cylindrical projection ‘Q’ grdimage plots with xarray #390.
    • :bulb: Tip: If you want to prepare for GMT 6.2.0 or are feeling adventurous, try installing the GMT 6.2.0 development packages using conda install -c conda-forge/label/dev gmt and do report any bugs if you find them!
  • We are also thinking of dropping Python 3.6 support in PyGMT v0.3.0 (see issue at #690) in line with the rest of the Scientific Python community (see NEP29).
    • :arrow_up: So make sure you upgrade to Python 3.7 or newer in the next few months!

:two_women_holding_hands: Call for contributors

We’ve recently refreshed our code of conduct and are keen on growing our team to be more diverse :rainbow_flag:! Thinking of where to start? Go to or leave us a message here on the forum. There’s also talk about a PyGMT paper happening at #677 so now’s the chance to get your foot in the door!

Enjoy :partying_face: