PyGMT v0.3.1 released

PyGMT v0.3.1 released

Announcing PyGMT v0.3.1, a patch release with multiple bug fixes and an improved gallery!

The ever-growing PyGMT team now presents version v0.3.1, a release with 7 new gallery examples, an improved gallery design, and much more! The highlights for this release include:

  • Reorganized gallery examples into new categories (#995)
  • Added gallery examples for plotting vectors (#950, #890)
  • Last version to support GMT 6.1.1, future PyGMT versions will require GMT 6.2.0 or newer

The full list of changes can be found in the changelog. Installation/Upgrade instructions can be found at, or you can try it online first at try-gmt! A big shout out to new contributor @core-man for making cool gallery examples for a double y-axes graph and an inset map showing a rectangular region. Thank you also to @aliciaha1997 and @tawandamoyo for some quick fixes to our documentation; we appreciate all contributions be it big or small and we hope to see you around more :smile:!

double-y-axes-graph inset-rectangle

Another big shoutout to @kmaterna and @michaelgrund for adding new :arrow_upper_right: gallery examples on plotting Cartesian, circular and geographic vectors and plotting different vector heads and tails respectively! Our new maintainer @michaelgrund has also added gallery examples showing different line fronts and polar projections. Last but not least, thank you to @seisman, @weiji14, @meghanj, and @willschlitzer for lots of maintenance :wrench: and review :thought_balloon: work behind the scenes, and to @pwessel and the core GMT team for fixing bugs :bug: and so much more!

The PyGMT gallery has been reorganized into new categories, and we encourage you to check it out!

Gallery in PyGMT v0.3.1

:railway_track: Roadmap to v0.4.0

There are a ton of new features being planned for the next release (many of which we need help with!):

  • Integration with the rest of the PyData :snake: ecosystem:

    • Integration with geopandas to plot shapely geometries (#608)
    • Integration with ObsPy to process seismological data (#967)
  • Beginner :beginner: friendly tutorials:

    • Add a PyGMT tutorial that is a good roadmap for new GMT/PyGMT users (#770)
    • Add more examples for plotting different types of lines (#493)
  • Other features/enhancements :sparkles::

    • Allow passing in a list/array of angle/font/justify values to text (#483)
    • Wrap more GMT modules, e.g., velo (#525), xyz2grd (#636), triangulate (#731), solar (#804), rose (#794) and histogram (#593)
    • Improve the method for displaying previews (#529)
    • Add Figure.hlines() and Figure.vlines() for plotting horizontal and vertical lines (#670)

:warning: Upcoming deprecations

No one likes things to break. But, these changes are planned for PyGMT v0.4.0 to ensure that we deliver a bug-free product and that everything is consistent:

The compatibility matrix will be listed on, so make sure you keep things up to date!

:two_women_holding_hands: Call for contributors

Contributing takes many forms, and is not just about writing code! Helping out can include social media outreach, writing/improving documentation and more! We value diversity :rainbow: and international :earth_africa: collaboration, and need you to make it happen:

Don’t know where to start? Go to or reach out to us here on the forum)!

Enjoy :partying_face:

P.S. Check out the new GMT twitter :bird: handle @gmt_dev and spread the word!