PyGMT v0.9.0 released

PyGMT v0.9.0 released

Announcing PyGMT v0.9.0, including integration with contextily to plot nice XYZ tilemap backgrounds!

The PyGMT team is super excited to bring you version v0.9.0! Here are the highlights :tada:

Read through the changelog for the full list of changes. Installation/upgrade :arrow_up: instructions are at! Note that this version is still cross-compatible with GMT 6.3 and 6.4. Go try it online at try-gmt :rocket:.

Shout out to our new contributor Jing-Hui Tong :clap:! Also thanks to the entire PyGMT Team for making this release possible :tada: .

New features:

New aliases:

Feel free to report bugs :beetle: using our refreshed bug template on GitHub, your feedback is what helps us to improve!

:bulb: New gallery examples

Calculating grid gradient with custom azimuth and normalize parameters Bit and Hachure Patterns Scatter plot with histograms
Calculating grid gradient with custom azimuth and normalize parameters Bit and Hachure Patterns Scatter plot with histograms
Timestamp Colorbar Focal mechanisms
Timestamp Colorbar Focal mechanisms

:railway_track: Roadmap to v0.10.0

What’s next? Here are a few in the pipeline, but also check out the GitHub issues board for more! Use the good first issue label to filter easy ones you can help out with!

  • Features/enhancements :sparkles:
  • Documentation improvements :book:
    • Add a beginner :beginner: friendly PyGMT tutorial that is a good roadmap for new GMT/PyGMT users (#770)
    • Add a tutorial explaining the generally accepted input types (#1268)
    • Add gallery examples for plotting geopandas.GeoDataFrame objects (#1374)

We invite you to get involved in these efforts by reaching out on GitHub :rocket:!

:warning: Upcoming deprecations

  • v0.10.0 (Jul 2023)
    • Figure.text: Remove parameter incols, use use_word instead (FutureWarning raised since PyGMT v0.8.0)
    • NEP29: Drop support for Python 3.8 so that Python 3.9 or above is required (#2300)
  • v0.12.0
    • All plotting methods: Remove aliases xshift (X) and yshift (Y) (FutureWarning raised since PyGMT v0.8.0)
    • pygmt.Figure.plot, pygmt.Figure.plot3d, pygmt.Figure.rose, pygmt.Figure.velo: Remove parameter color, use fill instead (FutureWarning raised since PyGMT v0.8.0)
    • pygmt.Figure.wiggle: Remove parameter color, use fillnegative or fillpositive instead (FutureWarning raised since PyGMT v0.8.0)
  • v1.0.0
    • Short form aliases (e.g. R) will not work if long form aliases (e.g. region) are available (SyntaxWarning raised since PyGMT v0.4.0, see #1316)

The compatibility matrix is listed at, so make sure you keep things up to date!

:world_map: Conference presentations/workshops/sprints

The only planned engagement so far for 2023 is the addition of a PyGMT section to the annual GMT for Geodesy Short Course, but if anyone is keen to host something for the next AGU Fall Meeting or some other regional conferences, do let us know on the forum and we can add it to the list!

Onwards :rocket:

P.S. Share the word on Twitter @gmt_dev :bird: and Instagram @genericmappingtools :camera_with_flash: