PyGMT very-short-course {in portuguese}

Hello friends,

I received an invitation from colleagues at USP in São Paulo for a PyGMT workshop lasting just 3 hours (! crazy !) with students having almost zero knowledge of Python, although some already knew a line or two of code. The focus was on PyGMT (maps :world_map:!), but obviously, a lot of time was spent discussing geospatial data and showcasing the potential of PyGMT.

Naturally, the starting point was an adaptation of the PyGMT ecosystem from the EGU2022 course (thanks to @weiji14 @maxrjones and @leouieda !), translated into Portuguese and also adapted for use on COLAB. I reordered some examples from the PyGMT tutorial to focus on the geographic area of southeastern Brazil, among other adjustments.

In the end, it was very cool, with more than 40 participants and some even baptizing themselves as “pyGMTnians” :joy::joy::joy:, who are going to make PyGMT a part of their lives ! And why not turn this into a repository? Well… to facilitate the distribution of this material, I created a small repository with all of it (in Portuguese! sorry!). Link here

So, better late than never, sorry if I didn’t ask the content creators, but I tried to use the tutorial examples ethically. I hope I didn’t violate any licenses. :laughing::laughing:

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This is great, thank you @andrebelem for sharing! Always glad to see more translations of PyGMT tutorials :smile: Did you get to meet @leouieda? I think he’s also based at USP now, but maybe a different department?

P.S. We should add this to the documentation page at External Resources — PyGMT :wink:

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