PyGMT website down?

Hello everyone

I was trying to access the PyGMT webpage but ended up on what I suppose to be the webpage host (UCOPIA) :

I just wanted to notice you on that in case you were not aware, cause it is a great source of documentation.

Have a pleasant day !

Hello @lenhofed,

Thanks for your message!
However, I can not reproduce this issue and for me the PyGMT website is [currently] available.

Also thanks for the positive feedback regarding the documentation. Happy to hear this :slightly_smiling_face:!

Thank you for your reply @yvonnefroehlich

Hmm… Funnyly when I tape the adress I do find the correct page…
Maybe a routing error from my navigator or my FAI or whatever is in the middle.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for all the great work on GMT.

No worries @lenhofed :slightly_smiling_face:! Great that you found a way to access the PyGMT webpage.

I am pleased that GMT and/or PyGMT are/is useful for your work!