Read/Convert from binary ibm 4-byte floating point (offtopic)


I know that it is not a gmt question but I think that there any many geophtysicst that could help me.

I extracted the values from a single trace of a segy file. The data is in binary ibm 4-bye floating point (format code 1). How could I convert it to numbers? Do you know any software that I could use?

What is binary ibm?

I mean 4-byte IBM floating-point (or IBM single precision floating point).


Have you tried GMT and asking to swap the bytes (read a BigEndian)?

No, it doesn’t work.

I try gmt convert trace.b -bi1f+b and the numbers are slightly different.

Is this ASCII vs EBCDIC conversion?

I think it is something different.

On Linux, I use ibm2float (from seismic unix) conversion, and them gmt convert -bi1f