Redistributing GMT + GSHHG

We’re looking to redistribute GMT + GSHHG with one of our precompiled software packages in order to streamline installation for our users. We were having issues with gmt* binaries not finding the GSHHG nc files at runtime. After modifying the CMake config with,

# Copy GSHHG files to ${GMT_DATADIR}/coast [FALSE]:

and then copying <GMT_INSTALLDIR>/share/coast/ to <OUR_DIST_PKG>/share/coast/, everything runs fine if the gmt* binaries live at <OUR_DIST_PKG>/bin. We could tell from debugging that the path from the gmt* binaries to the GSHHG assets is relative.
Now, the above solution works, but we would like to store the GSHHG assets in a clearly marked directory, say, <OUR_DIST_PKG>/share/gshhg/. I’m sure the we can sort out what config files to modify to make the above happen, but I wanted to know if there is an existing but undocumented way of doing this.

I think you may have to set the environmental parameter GMT_SHAREDIR.