Reduce message output


gmt modules typically control feedback through the -V<…> command line option.

Is there a way of restricting warnings to (eg -Verror) globally or must this be done using an argument for each module?

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From the manual


Select verbose mode, which modulates the messages written to stderr. Choose among 7 levels of verbosity; each level adds more messages: q - Quiet, not even fatal error messages are produced, e - Error messages only, w - Warnings [Default], t - Timings (report runtimes for time-intensive algorithms), i - Informational messages (same as -V only), c - Compatibility warnings, or d - Debugging messages.

You might be looking for the GMT_VERBOSE setting in gmt.conf, the default is warnings:

Many thanks @Joaquim, @maxrjones!

gmt set GMT_VERBOSE errors was what I was looking for