Regarding GMT older version

I am unable to install gmt version 4.8.15 in my system .I have tried both in linux and windows but was not able to install GMT4.Since ,I am using tdefnode i need the older gmt4 version.Plz help

Hi @AdiMoh08. Welcome to GTM forum.

This is oldest GMT version that is available at Github:

Yup, 4.5.18.

But we need to know why you cannot install it, e.g. what is the error message? It requires a configure; make sort of sequence, for example
./configure --prefix=pwd
to install on user level, and then you need to add the binaries to your path.

Note that you will not be able to compile GMT prior to 6.1 (I think) on modern Linux systems – earlier versions used an obsolete feature of POSIX signals which was removed from glibc some years ago. If you really must compile an older GMT on Linux then your best chance would be to do so on an old version of Linux (possibly in a VM)

Are you sure that tdefnode (don’t know what it is) does not work with the latest GMT version? Did you try it? It should work for most of things, though is not impossible that some features did escape the compatibility layer.

I don’t know about Linux or Windows installations, but there is still a GMT4 available to install with MacPorts on the Mac. The MacPorts maintainers may have made some small adjustments, but they must be still compiling it with modern compilers.

in this version there is no executable present like gmt.exe.But psxy.exe is present.Thats why its not installing.Can I get gmt4 setup with the aforesaid executables?

the gmtplot scripts in the block modelling software (tdefnode) are compatible with gmt4 version.These scripts are not upgraded to the recent gmt 6.2 version thats why its not working.

You didn’t answer to my question. Did you try it? Again, GMT6 is supposed to be backward compatible with GMT4.

Sorry, this makes no sense. Note that you can use translator services like DeepL to translate a well composed question in your language. It works pretty well.

yes i tried it.not working

Impossible to provide further assistance with information like this.

googlable documentation TDEFNODE User's Manual
suggests all plotting is done by calling gmt programs from shell scripts

This way a user should in principle be able to adapt to any changes on gmt side if the user knows how to use command line gmt. If not - tough luck.

Also TDEFNODE User's Manual the author has stated the following: *Please do not make changes to the code and/or re-disribute it. I am happy to help with any improvements or changes. *

Authors name and contact email are indicated at the top of the User’s manual