Removing Cardinal Directions From Axis Ticks

Examples from PyGMT v0.3.1 seem to show lat/lon axis ticks being labeled as just numbers, whereas the versions after that produce axis ticks that show the lat/lon as well as the associated cardinal direction. How can I remove the cardinal direction from the axis ticks in the current version of PyGMT?

Axis ticks in PyGMT v0.3.1:

Axis ticks in PyGMT v0.4.0+:

The changes in the axis annotations are due to the changes in default settings (classic vs modern themes, of the GMT 6.2.0 release.

To change the annotations to the previous behavior, you can simply change the FORMAT_GEO_MAP parameter:


Thank you! I suspected it was that pygmt.config command and was playing around with it but didn’t fully understand how to combine the various parameters to get what I wanted.