Replacing only negative Z values in GeoTIFF file, grdmath?

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I am trying to modify only negative Z values in a GeoTIFF file but I am still scratching my head about how to achieve this. My first thought was to use the neat grdmath, but after checking the operators I found the IFELSE and I think I would need to use an IF operator instead. Is there another GMT tool that may solve this issue? I also considered to use awk to do the job:

grd2xyz test.tif | awk '{for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) if ($3 < 0) $3 = ($3-180)*-1; print}' | tail -200 | head -10

so, re-gridding the result but I would prefer to avoid this way because this will be a time consuming process considering the amount of TIF files I have to analyze. I have uploaded a test file here as a MWE test.tif (314.5 KB), so I will be very much appreciated in case you can take a look at it and suggest me some GMT tools and/or ideas.

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Hello gery

Have you try with grdclip?

Hola Esteban!

Thanks for the suggestion, it could work but not sure how to change the values below 0 -Sb0/???.

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PS. I found that may also work but it applies the changes to all values (ie, long, lat, z): -A test.tif --outfile=out.tif --calc="abs(A-180)*(A<0)"

Yes, exactly. Check this example from the docs:

To set all values ≤ 0 to NaN in the file

gmt grdclip -Sb0/NaN+e -V

Unfortunately no luck so far, it seems that operations cannot be included, eg. -Sb0/((z-180)*-1) so everything below 0 should be positive after adding -180 to the Z value, perhaps I am misunderstanding something here…

Ok, I see. Do you want to use a formula to change the values? Ok, I think that grdclip only accepts a constant value.

You could try this:

  1. Keep the negative values.
  2. Changes values
  3. Combine new grid with previos tif file.
gmt grdclip test.tif -Sa0/NaN
gmt grdmath 180 SUB -1 MUL =
gmt grdmath test.tif AND = new_test.tif

I got this image from your test file

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My code most likely could be written in one single command using grdmath LE instead of grdclip.

I tried grdmath out of curiosity and came up with the following code:

gmt grdmath test.tif 0 LT 180 test.tif SUB MUL test.tif 0 GE test.tif MUL ADD = out.tif

my conclusion is that your code remains very much readable for humans, not only for that RPN calculator of grdmath. A big advantage for so many of us!

Funny thing is that the topic starter has actually got the result from It could happily end up there but has not been able to recognize coordinate system from test.tif and silently threw it away. The result was a Cartesian grid without any CRS definition and swapped coordinates (gmt reads tiffs using gdal and gdal obviously assumes latitude comes first in a raster without any CRS). gmt appeared to be more forgiving and thoroughly kept coordinate system definition from test.tif.

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Both solutions worked nicely! thanks Esteban82 and mkononets for the nice support.