how increment the resolution for this immagine?

this is my code:

gmt begin italy pdf,png
gmt set IO_COL_SEPARATOR=tab
	gmt set GMT_THEME cookbook

gmt info C:\programs\Camerino_1.txt 

 gmt coast -R13.02272/13.22734/43.09620/43.21342  -Wthin  -B  -JM5i -Gbeige -Slightblue  -I1
  gmt grdimage @earth_relief_01s -R13.02272/13.22734/43.09620/43.21342 -I+d

gmt plot C:\programs\Camerino_1.txt  -St0.05i -Gblue 


gmt image c:\programs\north.jpg -Dg11.50000/38.70000+w0.50 -R11.50000/12.00000/38.70000/39.00000 

gmt end show 

I receive thi ERROR:

C:\Users\Anna>gmt grdimage @earth_relief_01s -R13.02272/13.22734/43.09620/43.21342 -I+d 
grdblend [ERROR]: Failed to remove C:\Users\Anna\AppData\Local\Temp/! [remove error: Permission denied]
grdblend [ERROR]: Failed to delete file C:\Users\Anna\AppData\Local\Temp/

Use another code in your earth_relief_code.

See this for available resolutions.

Don’t know the error about whats going on with your Temp-folder.

This error message is caused by a GMT bug which likely fails to check the directory permission. I think it doesn’t affect your plots.

Odd if you do not have permission to delete files in your own temp directory that was created earlier? Any other explanation, @Joaquim?

This is the related issue report:

Thanks, so this fix should be in 6.3.0 on Windows. @annafiglioli, which GMT version do you have?

Yep, Dongdong got it first. The bug is fixed. Users should pay a little more attention check if errors were not fixed in latest version.

So i will delete the gmt 6.2 and dowload 6.3?

Sounds like a good plan - always work with the latest version

Or even better

thanks you