Reverse Z-Axis

Dear All,

I am trying to replicate this tutorial:

Is it possible to plot it but with the z-axis flipped? I have tried setting the zscale=f"{-0.002}c" but the tick did not show up. Thank you in advance

Do you want to flip the data itself, or just the labels on the z-axis? Using zscale="-0.002c" works for me to flip the data (i.e. the elevation will look upside down), but not sure if that’s what you want.

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I simply want to flip the z axis, (increase with depth), in that case (using the negative value in the z-scale) does flip the data, but the tick label did not show up!.. any recommendations? thanks in advance …Screenshot 2022-12-17 at 17.39.29|682x500

How about multiplying your data with -1 to flip it to the negative side?

I prefer to flip the axis … but that could work as well :slight_smile: