River deltas

Hello everyone,

I want to plot deltas of major rivers. I wonder if there is a function/module for this.


João Rocha

You can plot different rivers size via coast -I[…], but you don’t have an option specific to just deltas.
Similarly, there’s no direct GMT option to plot a river just by knowing its name. Not that I’m awarer of at least

Hi @PlanetGus,

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve plotted this image a few years ago but i’ve lost the script and can’t remeber how i did it.

I pretend to do the same for a different region. I think i used some sort of function/module but not sure.


Hi again @PlanetGus,
I’ve remebered what i did. This is plotted with a delta.cpt. Got it.

Thanks again.

Hmm ok?
But .cpt just holds a colormap. It’s not specific to a river or anything.
But as long as you’ve found what you looked for…