RMS Histogram

please I am plotting RMS histogram in the East components, and I want the site name to be in the x axis and the RMS value to be in the y axis, but with my code it shows only the frame without the bar and the site name not represented at the x-axis. Please need an assistant
below is the code
gmt pshistogram -T1/60/2c+n -RNURK/PMGB/0.01/153.27 -JX6.4i/5.4i East.dat -Sb0.2i+b0 -Gblue -Bxa2f1+l"Site name" -Bya20f5+l"East RMS (mm)" > t.ps

below also is the error message
histogram [WARNING]: No country code matching NURK/PMGB/0.01/153.27 (skipped)
histogram [ERROR]: Fatal error, read only 0 points
and here is the data

site E(mm)
NURK 8.430263
SUTM 10.42006
ABPO 6.435419
BJCO 9.068575
DEAR 6.161047
FUNC 8.058523
MAS1 6.860681
MFKG 6.763001
PRE1 6.007344
RABT 7.714333
RBAY 9.152691
SBOK 6.499804
SEY1 12.099011
SYTH 6.125433
UMTA 6.136947
ZAMB 7.843449
MELI 7.238442
SEYG 153.570722
ROB4 4.283563
VOIM 6.963904
DAKR 7.227102
TANA 5.233555
PRE3 6.518832
PRE4 6.173463
COTE 4.648691
ROBE 12.399062
ASAB 7.393663
BDMT 6.500956
GINR 0.010026
NEGE 8.424685
SHEB 10.007572
SHIS 9.617462
BRNK 7.370863
CPNT 6.934869
GRHM 6.664279
HEID 6.572041
HRAC 11.581282
MALM 7.955082
MBRG 6.471528
NSPT 6.617453
NYLS 6.722783
PLET 6.660674
PSKA 6.583272
STAN 6.917049
WELK 6.221112
BETH 6.035357
CALV 6.626396
ERAS 7.040319
GDAL 6.384417
GEOR 6.339256
LSMH 6.712854
ASMA 7.841721
BJSA 10.180902
ETAD 8.178168
LIVA 7.552116
MZUZ 241.944793
VWZM 14.873969
MAUA 8.400069
UPTN 6.467315
PMBG 6.874266

Mmm… I think that you need to use gmt plot for the data and then use a custom axis to get the names on the X-axis.
Take a look on:

I’m not sure GMT can understand the word NURK or PMGB not. When I plot pshistogram my input file usually is time or number (X-axis) /data (Y-axis). You can replace NURK by 1 or date time to check.

Thanks, I as used 1-60 it work but i will try to use the station ID number instead of name to see if it will work. Thanks