Rotate z-axis labels

I’m plotting an XYZ plot with something like

echo -e ‘> -Z0.0\n34.174 65.614 0.0\n65.952 31.535 0.0\n65.952 31.535 15.0\n34.174 65.614 15.0’ | gmt psxyz -R$region -Jx0.2c -Jz-0.4c -BZ -Bza3f1+l"Depth [km]" -P -p0/30 -L -W1.0,black > $

to get

I tried to dig into the docs to find a way to rotate the z-label by 90 degrees, to make them horizontal but didn’t find any.
there is a simple way of doing so(a command) or just by manually plotting new labels with pstext?

I’m afraid bugs are around. Reading the docs one should be using -px (project in x wall), but this clearly shows that’s not the case

gmt basemap -R0/3/0/2/0/1 -JX10 -JZ4 -Bxa+lX -Bya+lY -Bza+lZ -px0 -png map

To solve your immediate case, use -i1,2 and then y,z will become x,y (i.e. project in the x wall)