Run gmt which -Gl @meca.dat

the command ‘gmt which -Gl @ meca.dat’ to download data doesn’t work on ubuntu GMT 6.
any solutions?

It certainly will not work if you have a space between the @ and the file name, like you show here.

yep. sorry about that .but i ran ‘gmt which -Gl @meca.dat’ without space

this is the erro on cmd

gmtwhich [ERROR]: Libcurl Error: HTTP response code said error
gmtwhich [ERROR]: You can turn remote file download off by setting GMT_DATA_SERVER_LIMIT = 0.
gmtwhich [ERROR]: File meca.dat not found!

I see, there is no meca.dat file on the server. Where did you see that file listed?

i found this code here.

GAGE Short Course: The Generic Mapping Tools for Geodesy: Day Two of Two

I found this course on youtube. he coded it in the cmd and the file was downloaded to the cd.
may it is not available now )

Should be available on the UNAVCO site. But we will also add it to the server.

I copied the file info from the drive and try to run the codes. thanks for the info. cheers!

@chameerasilva It’s likely that you’re watching the videos for 2019 GMT short course.

I would encourage you watch the videos for the 2021 GMT short course ( 2021 GMT Short Course - YouTube). The related GitHub repository is available at GenericMappingTools/2021-unavco-course: Planning and material for the 2021 UNAVCO GMT for Geodesy course (

great news! Thank you for the Info. I will check it.