Sediment Bouguer Gravity Correction

Good afternoon dear all, many thanks for various answers to my previous questions, am so grateful. I have achieved some progress in my learning and research. However, I still have another question to ask which is: how to carry out sediment correction on Bouguer gravity data?
I have used the Fa2boug to compute my Bouguer gravity from free-air gravity data but don’t know how to carry out sediment correction for my Bouguer gravity data. I have read papers on it but not explanatory enough. Please kindly guide or recommend to any who can effectively guide on this. many thanks to all.

John, you are asking questions that are a bit beyond the GMT usage. You should discuss these matters with people at your university. Anyway, to compute the gravity effect of a sediment layer, you need to have the description of its top and bottom surfaces. Than, you can use tools like gravfft or the potential supplements grdgravmag3d, talwani3d.

ok Professor Joaqium, many thanks sir. I will try your suggestion