Seeking Access to Training Data for Research Purposes: GenericMappingTools Projects

Hey everyone,

I am a Master’s student from Concordia University, and I am currently conducting research using some open-source projects, including GenericMappingTools/gmt and GenericMappingTools/pygmt.

I am writing to inquire if there might be a way for me to gain access to the data used to train your models across the different versions (let’s say, for a given commit or DVC hash). My understanding is that this might require access to the remote source from DVC, correct?

Furthermore, I am curious about the data sets that were used prior to the introduction of DVC. Would there be a chance to access this earlier data as well?

Any assistance you can offer would be incredibly valuable for my research, and I would be extremely grateful. Thanks for considering my request.

The “data” in DVC is mostly PostScript plots that we then use to compare to the plots made with current version. Go to the GMT GitHub page and read the CONTRIBUTING document which somewhere will contain info on how to read fro DVC. Holder pre-DVC plots are probably buried in Github and you would have to wind back time. Maybe @maxrjones has more information than me.

@pwessel Thank you very much for the quick reply and the clarification!
I was able to find the data sources you mentioned: