Setting a color hinge for 'oleron' color palette table (cpt)

Is there a way to set or adjust the color hinge point for the oleron color palette table? I’d like it to be centered at 0 like some of the other colormaps (e.g. geo, relief, etc), but couldn’t find a setting in makecpt that does it.

The oleron master cpt has a hinge at 0:

# HINGE = 0

There are 22 of the CPTs that have hinge. But 7 of them (including oleron) did not actually include z-slices that ended at 0 exactly; they had records like this:

-0.003922 230/242/25 0.003922 26/76/0

i.e., the slice is straddling the 0. A PR has been submitted. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Thanks @pwessel, I see the PR at