Shear wave splitting

I am trying to plot my shear-wave splitting parameters on GMT by using psxy, but I misunderstood something .
if legend is
45.50 54.50 30 1.0
I expected to have a line with an azimuth of 30 degrees from the vertical, but it seems I have more a line with an azimuth of 60 degrees from the vertical. I am not sure what is wrong with my pixy

gmt psxy legend -R$R -Sv0.2i+jc -W2.5p,red -X-0.05 -Y0.1


use -SV (capital V) to get azimuth CW from North instead of angle CCW from East (-Sv), and I also suggest to use -SVB to get the stick/vector balanced on the center point, rather than pointing away from it, because splitting “fast axes” are orientational (0…180 deg) rather than directional (0…360 deg)

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