Simple highlighting of countries

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# one or more comma-separated countries
# see

gmt begin highlighted-countries png

gmt set GMT_THEME minimal

gmt grdimage @earth_relief_10m -JM20c -R$countries -t50
gmt coast -E$countries+C
gmt basemap -B+gblack@40
gmt coast -Q
gmt coast -Na -Baf -B+t"Highlighted countries"

gmt end


Is there a way to smooth the borders?

No, the DCW comes in one resolution.

What do you mean? To reduce the numbers of points that define the borders (i.e. to have a lower resolution line)?

Nah, more like a fuzzy contour (maybe some gaussian filtering near the border or something)

…Or just some shading using a slightly different -J, -X and -Y?

I think I don’t fully understand you. Would you share an example?

I thought I was doing groundbreaking stuff here. Guess not.

See also:

Yours is better :+1:

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Thanks PlanetGus :slight_smile: