Sloppy frame when using -Bxafg

The frame is very sloppy when using this one liner:

$ gmt pscoast -RNO -JS0/90/20c -Gblue -Sgray -pdf test -Bxafg

I dont think it’s supposed to look that way.

Looks fine if you add a MAP_FRAME_TYPE=PLAIN or -Byafg.

I agree it does not look good, but you requested it, no? By only deciding to get the longitude (x) axes and annotations you end up with this due to the finite width of fancy frames. Now, I imagine what you would like is to not plot those extensions since there is no N-S frames to catch them and that is a valid point. I will see what can be done.

Ah, of course. The apparently ‘too long’ frames are meant to match up with the W-E frames I did not plot.

This map was an accident, but I thought it looked very weird. But your explanation makes sense, and I dont know if anything should be done with it.

Thanks Paul.

Thanks for pointing this out; I now have a PR on GitHub that improves this situation.

Great Paul.

NB The example on the github issue page looks good, but I dont see any effect on the figure produced by the command I gave in my original post (gmt pscoast -RNO -JS0/90/20c -Gblue -Sgray -pdf test -Bxafg). The N-S frame still protrude.

Right. We will have to decide if your implicit -BWESN shall be reduced because you only gave -Bx.