Someone mentioned flow-lines?

using GMT
x,y = GMT.meshgrid(-10:10);
u = 2 .* x .* y;
v = y .^2 - x .^ 2;
U = mat2grid(u, x[1,:], y[:,1]);
V = mat2grid(v, x[1,:], y[:,1]);
r,a = streamlines(U, V);
plot(r, decorated=(locations=a, symbol=(custom="arrow", size=0.3), fill=:black,
          dec2=true), title="Someone mentioned flowlines?", show=true)

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It looks like there’s some Julia involved :stuck_out_tongue:


One day I’ll take the bait and end up on your hook (J[ulia]).

I got the

ERROR: UndefVarError: streamlines not defined

with GMT.jl v0.40.0 and Julia ver 1.7.2 :unamused:

You need GMT.jl 0.41.3