Struggling with 3D perspective map title

Hello guys,
I’m struggling here with a 3D perspective where I want to put a “2D plane” title over the figure. I’ve read the other threads on the subject but as much as I add ‘+t"Whatever"’ to the frame it gives me an error or it doesn’t plot.

What am I doing wrong ?

Here is the extract from the main line with grdview. Everything else works.

projection=‘X12c’, # set the projection
frame=[‘xa+l"UTM Easting"’,‘ya+l"UTM Northing"’,‘SEwn’],
plane=“-3000+ggrey”, # set the plane of the map

Can you show us the error you have?

Here is an example showing how to add a title in a 3D map, although it’s not using grdview:

Hello @seisman,
yes, i tried it exactly as shown in the example. It seems to me that it is a problem with grdview in perspective.
I added now

frame=[‘xa+l"UTM Easting"’,‘ya+l"UTM Northing"’,‘+t"Whatever"’,‘SEwn’],

and the error is this one:

grdview [ERROR]: Option -B parsing failure. Correct syntax:

-B Specify both (1) basemap frame settings and (2) axes parameters.
Frame settings are modified via an optional single invocation of -B[<axes>][+b][+g<fill>][+i[<val>]][+n]⏎
 …[+o<lon>/<lat>][+s<subtitle>][+t<title>][+w[<pen>]][+x<fill>][+y<fill>] [+z<fill>]
Axes parameters are specified via one or more invocations of -B[p|s][x|y|z]<intervals>[+a<angle>|n|p][+e[l|u]]⏎
<intervals> is composed of concatenated [<type>]<stride>[l|p] sub-strings. See basemap documentation for more
 details and examples of all settings.
grdview [ERROR]: Offending option -BSEwn  

The error is apparently restricted to the perspective grdview (when the title has to appear in 2d). I remember seeing some comment on the forum about this but I couldn’t find again what the topic was.

Does this work for you?

frame=['xa+l"UTM Easting"', 'ya+l"UTM Northing"', 'SEwn+t"Whatever"'],

This is pretty weird. When I do this (I did it before), the error is gone but there is no title in the figure:

Any ideas ? I can write dow the program and the datra in gdrive if someone want to try.

I think, the title is there, behind the figure, and is plotted in perspective too.

Yes, it’s behind the figure. Perhaps you can increase MAP_TITLE_OFFSET to see it?

Sorry for the long delay.
Yes - with a title offset I can see it but it’s in 3D ! The only way to have a 2D title in a 3D map is using a basemap and the plot3D inside (at least the solution I found).