Subplot autolabel with offset

Hi everyone.

I didn’t like the default subplot separations so reduced it using -C but now I can’t get the autolabel to go in the right place. Any tips greatly appreciated.


gmt begin hv_vels
gmt subplot begin 1x2 -Fs8c -JM8c -R107.4/107.999/-7.15/-6.75 -A+jLT+gwhite
gmt subplot set 0,0
gmt pscoast -B0.1 -BNseW -Di -Glightgray -Swhite -Wthinnest
gmt subplot set 0,1 -Cw-1.8c
gmt pscoast -B0.1 -BNsew -Di -Glightgray -Swhite -Wthinnest
gmt subplot end
gmt end

I think better to change the separations with -M than to use -C. What is the problem with the default separations?

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Something like this ?

gmt subplot begin 2x2 -Fs10c -M2c -A(a)+JTL+o-1c/.25c -BWSen

This takes in charge 4 subplot (2x2) each having a size of 10x10 cm with a margin of 2cm (sides).
The annotation uses letters instead of numbers \(a\) , placed top left , slightly shifted 1cm up and 0.25cm left …

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Wonderful. Thanks very much. That works a treat.

@pwessel - I just think that if you don’t label the margin between the two subplots the default size a bit too big. Please see below. I just reduced it by 3.5mm and now it looks much nicer.

Thanks again.