Support for Mac M1?

Hi all, I’m considering getting a new Mac with the ARM M1 processor, and wondered if anyone has tried out GMT on that system? Any insight on whether it can run from the existing binary (presumably via Rosetta 2), or even better, be compiled natively? Thanks!

I got an iMac mini M1. GMT compiles fine. However, at least under MacPorts, GDAL fails because it depends on the GEOS library and that library fails to compile. It has been reported all the way [] but no action yet. I do not know if, say, homebrew has bypassed this bug somehow. I suspect many of the developers have no access to M1 yet so a bit of a slow response, and also over the holidays.

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I’m also considering purchasing a new MacBook Pro with M1, but haven’t made the decision yet.

It seems that Homebrew still only has partial support for M1, and they recommend running Homebrew using Intel emulation with Rosetta 2.

You all know the history.

Wait for M2 :kissing_smiling_eyes:

@Joaquim you are right, I’m just impatient! If everything runs under Rosetta, that sounds like it’s about as good as a 2020 Intel mac anyway, so that’s probably a good workaround for now.

@pwessel does gdal run under Rosetta at least?

I do not know. I guess you would hvae to install a binary version built with Intel and see what happens.

The Homebrew formulae page lists GMT as not available under M1 (arm64_big_sur), but it does appear to have gdal and geos support… maybe it’s getting close?

Perhaps someone needs to submit a pull request to rebuild GMT. I’ll do it when I find some time.

Hi All,

Did anybody manage to install GDAL on MAC M1? I just got myself a mini M1 and I am battling to install the GDAL Library. I have wasted 2 days already and no success till now.

I have two M1 computers doing very well via macports. I doubt brew would be very different (not sure what you are using). It was a bit rough going last December but since then I think most things have been ironed out. For macports I followed their migration guidelines.

FYI, @seisman has just managed to get ARM OSX builds of GMT 6.3 onto conda-forge (see Let us know if you manage to install it using conda install -c conda-forge gmt, and if there any issues.