Symbol plotting

Hello Everyone,
Please, can someone assist me on how to create symbols and arrows in a Conic projected (JL) gmt map? I am new to this whole thing but I tried my best in watching some YouTube turtorials and Reading the documentations and I still couldn’t complete the task. So, if anyone has an easy to read document or Tricks on how to go about this please do not hesitate to respond to this Message. Thank you.

Plotting arrows and symbols in a -JL map is no different from any other projection. Please show what you have tried so we can see what you are doing.

Ok. below is the script i wrote which is a bit Basic and unprofessional
#!/usr/bin/env bash
gmt begin image
gmt coast -R-100/-10/35/80 -Jl-55/15/30/80/1:50000000 -Wthin -S -Wthin -B -N1/thick,red
gmt makecpt -Cetopo1 -T-5000/1000/1
gmt grdimage @earth_relief_10m -I -C -B
echo 49 42 | gmt plot -R-100/-10/35/80 -Jl-55/15/30/80/1:50000000 -BWSen -Sc0.75c -Gred -N
gmt colorbar -DJBC -B1000
gmt end show

Actually, I am trying to Plot my core location, Ocean current Patterns and some location Names.

No need to repeat -R -J after you set it in your first command
49,42 is not inside your region.

Ooops! my core has a co-ordinate of 42: 50: 61N (Latitude) and 49: 14: 09W (Longitude). And I used this -R-100/-10/35/80 as the main Region of my map. Any Suggestions on how to go about it please?
thank you.

Well, just give the correct coordinate, e.g. -49 or 49W, i.e. 49:14:09W 42:50N. The :61 cannot be right. since > 60

Thank you Pwessel. I was able to locate my core on the map. Please, would I follow the same Method for writing the core name top?

Yes, same coordinates, see text for various options to justify and offset the text; many of the gallery examples uses text to plot annotations like this.