Syntax for setting time zone

I’m working on wrapping the GMT solar module for PyGMT. The argument that I’m using to set the time to plot the day/night terminator is Td="+d2021-01-24T10:57:00+z0. I found this post that shows @Joaquim using the same syntax I have for setting the time zone, but it’s for the -I parameter instead of -T. As I understand it, I have to append +z with a number to indicate the time zone’s offset from UTC. However, I’m not getting any differences in the output when I change the time zone for any of the terminator options (I went with the the day/night terminator for the example but it’s the same effect for nautical, civil, and astronomical). Thanks in advance for the help!

It’s a bug. I see it now. The code, like for -I, searches for “+” as an indicator of the +z but gets caught in the first +d. Please open an issue.